Our jewellery store S.M.ARTEN was founded in 1971 under the management and personal care of our father Spyros Artinian. For more than 40 years, the shop is co-travelling with you in the bright world of jewellery. Today, as the second generation, we carry on trying to preserve and improve the quality of our jewellery, as well as the services provided.

Our parents Spyros and Sonia Artinian guide us with their valuable experience and we, with our knowledge, our studies and our creativity, put in the effort to offer a special touch in our shop.

Though finding something made up for you sounds easy, improving it however, day by day is a challenging task to undertake. Our main goal is to become even better than we were yesterday and therefore, offer the maximum quality demanded, as well as a variety of jewellery at competitive prices as, your love and trust over the years construct a sense of commitment to us.